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Confido - Trustless escrow payment solution

Confido is a payment solution developed to be used by both businesses and individuals. It provides secure escrow payments using smart contracts, without relying on a third party to control the money. The unique thing about Confido is its shipment tracking feature. Confido will track a package up to the point that it gets delivered, and will only then release the funds. This is all done in a trustless and decentralised fashion using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Altcoins / Alternative Cryptocurrencies • [ANN][ICO] [AIRDROP] MONEY BACK COIN [Binance/ Bittrex/ HitBTC] ETHEREUM

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Welcome to PlotX - Read this to GET STARTED

🌐 Welcome to the Official PlotX Reddit Community
👉 PlotX is a non-custodial prediction protocol that enables users to earn rewards on high-yield prediction markets.
SUMMARY: Dubbed as the Uniswap of Prediction Markets, PlotX uses an Automated Market Making algorithm to settle markets and distribute rewards on the Ethereum Blockchain without any counterparty risk. Markets are focused on crypto-pairs like BTC-USD & ETH-USD and created in intervals of 1h, 1d and 1w.

🤑 Buy $PLOT from Uniswap:

👩‍🌾 Set up a $PLOT Yield Farm (200%+ APY):

Ish Goel Interview with Boxmining
Ish Goel Podcast Interview

📰 PlotX in the News
Coverage on PlotX by Coindesk
Coverage on PlotX by CoinTelegraph
Coverage on PlotX by NewsBTC
Coverage on PlotX by Blockonomi

✌️PLOT Shill & Chill
◘ Experienced Team - cofounded by ex-CTO & Lead Engineer of Nexus Mutual
◘ Live product with 250+ users & clear token utilization
◘ On-chain community governance already active
◘ 200%+ APY on Yield Farming
◘ Partnerships with Chainlink, Matic, Elrond, Ankr, 3commas
◘ Super Low Market Cap

Find out more
💪 PlotX Beta | 🌐 Website | 📺 Team Intro | 📄 Whitepaper |⁉️ FAQs | 🤓 PLOT Token | 📙 Tokenomics | 🏁 How to get started with PlotX

How is PlotX different from other prediction markets?
What is the Token Utility?

⚠️ Important ⚠️
❌ There are a few fake PlotX tokens listed on Uniswap. Please confirm the token address prior to making a trade -
❌ Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake addresses (carefully check their usernames or bio), they are fake.
❌ If anyone from PlotX DMs you first, confirm their identity in the official group prior to responding.
❌ Do NOT send tokens to anyone claiming to be from PlotX.

🙏 Community Rules
✔️ No FUD or Spam will be tolerated
✔️ Please only write in English in this group
✔️ Focus discussions on the platform
✔️ No swearing and show respect for each other
✔️ Share only relevant news and articles

👉 Social Channels
Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Reddit | YouTube | Facebook | Telegram Trading Discussions | Telegram Vietnam | Telegram Russia | Telegram Turkey |Telegram China | Telegram Korea
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Features that will interest you about Bitcashpay platform

Features that will interest you about Bitcashpay platform
Features that will interest you about Bitcashpay platform
Greetings to my fellow cryptolover, today I want to introduced to you a very interesting project that will add value to your financial status and also gain vast experience while trading with us in our platform. This is a wonderful project that I have been following up as well I have come into conclusion to share with you all as I cares about you too. This project is known as “Bitcashpay”.
With little introduction to my personal point of view on this project, the full details will be explained fully on the website including some self-explanatory videos to clearly narrate how the platform is being configured as well. In this article I will specifically base on how to purchase the Bitcashpay token including some important features and the rest.
The cryptographic money market is continually developing. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is exceptionally alluring to speculators who consider the to be as a brisk lucrative chance. The prominence of putting resources into new coins and tokens is by all accounts motivated by the narratives of the individuals who raked in tons of cash putting resources into bitcoin, when not many individuals accepted that this innovation would be fruitful.
The possibility of ​​making cash simple has pulled in experienced speculators, yet additionally numerous unpracticed fans. A typical issue for most beginner financial specialists is that they are inexperienced with how cryptographic forms of money work, as they are generally not inspired by the fundamental blockchain innovation or discover it excessively unpredictable. Likewise, in contrast to experienced proficient specialists, these new speculators typically need information on the essentials of the trade framework. In any case, these newcomers are the main impetus behind the fast development of the market, making sure about an enormous portion of the business. Their number is consistently developing as open familiarity with digital forms of money and their advantages spreads far and wide.
Crypto exchanging, computerized resource the board and worldwide installments need another model and the business is inclining towards decentralized trades as an answer. As circulated record innovation propels, concentrated trades, governments and controllers must shield financial specialists from the dangers of burglary and misfortune. Taking everything into account, they need to moderate the issues characteristic in concentrated trades. These issues incorporate helpless security, unified control of computerized resources, regular vacation, and other control issues.
Why Bitcashpay
Their main goal is to acquaint digital money with the overall population, beginner dealers and organizations who can likewise make a critical commitment to the improvement of digital forms of money.
Taking a gander at their site, guide and whitepaper, it tends to be said that it is an extremely basic venture that expects to help individuals in their everyday utilization of assets, be it installments, moves, utilization and even advances.
What's truly astonishing about this undertaking is that it as of now has its own business where to utilize its tokens, and it was made already to guarantee the solidness of the venture. Reconciliation of their own organizations ensures token holders the estimation of their tokens and welcomes different establishments to utilize BCP.
The Difficulties
Dealers with a lot of digital currency frequently need a trade with one component - low inactivity. In straightforward terms, inertness can be characterized as the postponement in accepting a reaction after a solicitation is made. From an exchanging viewpoint, inertness influences the measure of time it takes dealers to speak with the market. Some crypto stages experience high idleness bringing about vacation.
Most newcomers to the digital currency space think that its hard to deal with their records and exchange. Numerous individuals discover digital money excessively unpredictable. This has prompted challenges in applying for a record that should be settled so more individuals are keen on contributing and exchanging digital currencies.
Various cryptographic money stages have helpless client support. What is important for each business is the way you treat your clients. We will tackle this issue utilizing our foundation. It appears to be that because of high traffic and high exchanging expenses, some cryptographic money stages experience incessant vacation. This frequently brings about moderate speed and disappointing exchanges. With BitCashPay, we will take care of this issue.
BitCashPay gives low idleness exchanging as they utilize bleeding edge innovation to guarantee speed and effectiveness. This stage is intended to be very easy to understand with AI mix. This permits anybody to effectively explore the stage and effectively take an interest in exchange and different functions. They have first class client care as they organize clients. They would like to pull in however many traders to the stage as could reasonably be expected, permitting shoppers to buy numerous items with BCP coins. At long last, since they are keen on urging more individuals to join the digital money space, they offer zero expenses for BCP individuals and least charges for non-BCP individuals. The uplifting news is.
You can get BCP in a larger number of ways than by trading cryptographic money at the ICO phase of the task. We have built up a component to guarantee that all dynamic clients of our trade stage can get BCP for each exchange they make. The quantity of tokens got will be determined relying upon the measure of the exchange. Tokens will be circulated decently. They will be credited to the client's wallet when the exchange is finished. The symbolic conveyance component has been streamlined to remunerate effectively exchanging clients. The restitution period depends on a financial specialist reward framework; to be more explicit, this will be founded on the everyday trade volume.
Our wallets
With our BCP wallet, you can easily access cryptocurrencies. You can store view prices, exchange and earn crypt without leaving the platform. No forms nor selfies needed in exchanging or trading crypto, trade anytime and anywhere with ease. Your wallet is highly confidential, private and secured, you are the only one who can access it.
Now these are the easy steps to buy BitcashPay tokens:
  1. Create an account with Sign up link in BitcashPay Ecosystem and confirm your email.
  2. Log in to your account with Sign in link:
  3. Then you are to pay BCP tokens with Ethereum (ETH). The payment has to be sent only from your BitcashPay Wallet.
Why should I buy BitcashPay (BCP) tokens?
- BitcashPay token is an ecosystem token. You will earn 15% early on your BitcashPay Crypto Bank Savings Account (BCP).
What currency can I use for buying BCP tokens?
- You can pay for BCP tokens in Ethereum (ETH) and then BCP tokens will be sent to your BitcashPay Wallet automatically with the delay of blockchain.
What is the minimum amount to invest in BitcashPay tokens (BCP)?
- The minimum purchase is $10 in form of Ethereum.
What is the price of BCP token?
- Presale price is 1 ETH = 15k BCP with a minimum purchase of 0.5 ETH.- Regular Retail price is 1 ETH = 10k BCP
Can I buy BitcashPay token from other exchange platforms or crypto wallets?
- During our Presale, and ICO stages you can only buy BitcashPay token (BCP) in our BitcashPay platform. BitcashPay tokens (BCP) will be sent to you if you pay with BitcashPay Wallet only.
In Summary
The principle objective of this stage is to build up a network conformed to their trade application. A people group of clients who will exchange, impart, share their encounters and help each other together. When building up the stage, they zeroed in on the productivity of the exchanging cycle and on expanding pay, considering the current market circumstance. For more details you can get intouched with our links below, about roadmap click here
LinkedIn: /
Bitcointalk Ann Thread:
my ETH: 0x8d975680323ec985186aaed2a455a1d0867d0308
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KittieFIGHT - One of the Top 10 "Lending DeFi projects"

Main features of the project:

Here's also 2 reviews on YouTube that will give plenty of info:
  2. IDO or The DUTCH AUCTION is open for 28 days
For more info.. go to the Announcements channel & Join the Telegram community to get your doubts & queries answered. Reached sale Soft Cap with 70 ETH in 3 days & closed the Private Sales.
Listing after IDO on #UniSwap immediately i.e. 4 weeks after #YieldFarming & Game Launch on the Ethereum mainnet.
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[Discord] Unofficial 'SPEC' AMAs

Disclaimer: this is my editing, so there could be some misunderstandings.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:33
It all depends on what the community does to be honest. I know I'm a broken record on this for the past 5 years, but the truth of the matter is that if you want 'quick interest' you need the community to build cool projects.IF is primarily focused on major industry adoption and standardization, which is the slow and steady approach. However, everyone is free to build exciting shit on top of IOTA right now to gain more interest

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:35
[about partners?]
We have more every couple of months now than we did in all of 2017

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:38
**Chrysalis will indeed be an on-ramp for companies,**sure some API details might change, but the goal is for people to be able to build on Chrysalis and transfer it over to Honey without starting from scratch

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:39
[about regulations?]
It's a fair question, however, the acceptance of crypto payments is growing (even outside of IF). That being said, working directly with the regulators has of course always been IOTA's strategy
All these banks now opening custody etc. etc.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:40
[Btw is the power house project in Norway doing fine still?]
Yeah, personally I am equally excited about the Future Farm project here

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:47
After almost a decade in crypto, 95+ % of my wealth is in IOTA

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:48
[do you hold any other crypto?]
[that sounds pretty stupid]
Want to bet some Ti on that?

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:49
[no but I’ll bet you 1 eth that eth will be $1000 before iota is a $1?]
I am actually completely fine with that

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:51
[are you dumping at 0,60?]
**No. As explained a few times already: I've never ever stated I was going to liquidate at 60 cents.**This is a myth created by CFB and Hund (which might be two minds stuck in one fucked skull). The origin of the 60 cents BS was that I told CFB that there was no way to fairly split the IOTA AS iotas after he sold at 60 cents and that I wouldn't even entertain his nonsense until IOTA was back up to 60 cents

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:57
[why does spec channel come back?]
I've been in this game for almost a decade, of course speculation has always been an intrinsic part of "our collective crypto culture". However, I wanted IOTA to be different, so I enforced some very strict policies back in the day. This was in IOTA's infancy, I wanted the entire focus to be on tech and vision, not price.I said as much repeatedly in the crowdfund, I told everyone that just wanted a quick Pump and Dump to GTFO... **However, now we are in 2020, IOTA is already on its path towards standardization, work with more companies, governments and technical bodies than any other project**sans Ethereum. If you guys want to have fun speculation on the price, that is entirely fine as long as it doesn't devolve into conspiracy theories etc.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:58
[It's true, that Anne Smith will leave the Foundation?]
Yes due to personal circumstances****that I will not disclose. IF and Anne remains close, she's been invaluable to IF

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:59
[about trollers without iota holding]
There will always be some double agents, but tbh, who cares anymore
Let the tech and adoption speak for itself

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:04
[how is the standardization process going btw.? Won't it have to start from scratch with all these breaking changes?]
**From scratch: no.However, the way we have proceeded with standardization from a strategical PoV actually cause minimal disruption.**Sure, all the ternary work is sort of "out the window", but that was just about radix economy. The rest is still moving forward as planned.
[family office and OTC players update?]
As for the Family Offices and OTC players, I can't name or specify, all of that is up to them to disclose (or not).
[will I get my friends back who i shilled iota to when it was $2.50]
Haha, well, if they understood what IOTA is all about they ought to be ballsdeep in developing something on top of IOTA now

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:06
[apart from tech and standardization, Do we have anything else to look forward to in the coming monthsthat are behind the scene?]
Depends what one defines as 'behind the scenes', by nature it's quite ambiguous. All I can state with confidence is that there's never been more action
**We'll do some proper AMAs soon.**However, we got spec back, so let's just enjoy these casual "all over the place" convos

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:10
[Very excited to see what your bigger partners are working on, and things like the Jaguar Land Rover project. Hope we will be seeing more from these things in the near future so we can really get the feeling that IOTA is plowing away.]
For sure. I have absolutely no problem empathizing with the enthusiasm, though I still advocate for people to get involved. It doesn't take a lot to be part of "moving the needle"

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:16
[you stated in a interview that millions of sensors would be on the tangle next year?]
You are referring to my podcast with Anthony Day from IBM, I explicitly stated "don't quote me" and explained that I personally believe so, which I still do.However, these metrics are very hard to quantify.
For the sake of argument, let's say X OEM implements IOTA as an option for all of their new cars, we have no control over how many actually will within the next 12 months.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:21
I'd just refer back to the recent ST Microelectronics release. It's hard to overstate how excited we are to see these titans of semiconductors put serious resources behind IOTA all by their own volition.Unlike 99% of projects, we do not pay anyone to claim they believe in us, everything is organic

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:16
[Has the decision being made if token supply need to be increase on the next 5 years outlook?]
**If there's ever any token inflation, it would be 100% decentralized (post-Coordicide) and decided by the community.**There's some intriguing models that could be evaluated, but it's definitely not up to IF. IF will never inflate the tokens

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:22
[would you describe the IOTA protocol as being close to being finished?]
I'd rather say **that's close to delivering the initial promise.After Honey, there's still sharding, multiverse etc.**etc. that can potentially improve performance orders of magnitude

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:23
IF has no reason to "hide code" until release. However, if the code is going on mainnet we always have independent security audit professionals go through it

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:28
[about exchanges]
A lot of them are simply waiting for the cryptographic signature change to make implementation easier
Plus we categorically refuse to pay for listing
You wouldn't believe how many of these exchanges are ponzies

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:30
And unlike the vast majority of coins the volume isn't inflated by 1000s of % by washtrading
It blows my mind that after 2017, we're now in 2020 and see the same BS

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:32
[name the exchanges that asked for money.]
Haha, the list is too long to even begin

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:33
let's just say 90% of those that haven't listed IOTA yet, the 10% remainder is working on implementing/awaiting Chrysalis

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:34
[how much did coinbase ask for listing?]
Coinbase is one of the serious ones, they don't charge for listing
At least as far as I know, I can't speak on behalf of their company

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:38
[Does IF customers and partners request or propose to 'stabilize' token price/volatility? If so, what might be a possible direction to go for?]
Good question (how is this Spec?) there's certainly more conservative voices in old school entities that are initially reluctant to engage with this new era of digital assets/currency/value. However, you'd be surprised how fast they acclimate.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:41
Stable Coins is completely possible, but only if IOTA is the collateral. I.E. directly tied to IOTA's value

Navin Ramachandran [IF]오늘 오전 5:25
So heads down and get a network that can actually do what we want it to do.
I know that the change process in IF has taken a bit longer than people wanted. But compared to many orgs it has been quick. And we don't need to convince miners every time we need change (see Segwit).
The new variable transaction structure also makes it easy for future change.
So I am very happy with what the researchers and devs have done over the last year
Do I wish everything was done by now? Of course. I am naturally impatient.
But just as with this audit for Chrysalis part 1, we cannot risk major changes causing fund loss on mainnet. So we have to prioritise safety over speed.

Navin Ramachandran [IF]오늘 오전 5:53
Rather than defi I am more interested in tokenisation of real world assets
And how that plays with digital assets.
That is where I see some of my future work perhaps heading

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Meter's launches Yield Farming for eMTRG their new DeFi stable coin!

In recent months, the Meter team, have released a metastable cryptocurrency $MTR that has remained at the prognosed purchasing power of 0.7 usd (also offering more stability as miners keep joining).
As expected, they have released an eth bridge to expand this metastable currency to ethereum defi dapp & financial markets (bridged by eMTR, Meter's erc20 replica of native MTR as well as eMTRG, Meter's crucial PoS consensus & governance replica on ethereum blockchain)
...And now, as promised, Meter team recently announced the Meter Liquidity Mining program, which is huge! i'll tell you why.
This LM program, in essence, is just another neat name for YFI's yield mining proposition! But, Meter also has 3 advantages over YFI.
1) Unlike YFI basing its value on just audited code, Meter's LM program is not only audited code but also basing its value on the real world value of electricity! that's 10kw of electricity utilized by miners on Meter's native PoW blockchain, which creates every actual $MTR metastable currency in the ecosystem. (So as long as miners keep paying their power companies, MTR will always have its secure & stable value! Unlike fiat, i mean Stable in all sense of the word: purchasing power!
2) The marketcap of its metastable coin $MTR is directly tied to Meter's PoS consensus & governance token MTRG! So with the recent partnerships with Elrond and Suterusu, & soon more partnerships like these capitalizing on the first mover's advantage of this non-collaterized metastable currency of early stablecoin industries on several young blockchains, MTRG yield farming of 326% APY could be a huge deal when Meter hits 100 mil to 1bil marketcap! and i assure you that day is coming 👌 (for instance, $just which is only a governance token for USDJ & not even used in USDJ consensus recently hit 165 mil marketcap from 5mil marketcap valuation! But Meter is at 3mil mcap, and already redefining what stablecoins & stable purchasing power is in this space, as well as partnering with emerging technologies like Elrond and Suterusu to dominate these growing stablecoin markets & ecosystems that centralized USDT has ignored. 😎 (this is the very same go-to-market strategy employed by bandprotocol when they started developing!)
3) At over 100 mil marketcap, with a constant 4-year supply of 2.3mil, Meter Consensus & Governance token MTRG will be worth well over $43! So with yield farming, your 326% APY will be worth at least $43,000 usd in a year from now with as little as a $1,400 usd investment today. ☺️
See the future, get MTRG today! it's growing everyday! 🍾 Like i told you, Meter is better than YFI 😉 and is going to become rarer to buy cheap soon
See Liquidity Mining Ann here:
NB. You can purchase Meter on,, and Bilaxy and eMTRG or metastable token eMTR on Uniswap!
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MorCrypto Exchange IEO on ExMarkets

MorCrypto Exchange IEO on ExMarkets

IEO on ExMarkets
Token-sale info:
• Price: 0.005 $ | Bonus: 10%
• Round: 10.04.2020, 07:00am, GMT to 15.04.2020, 07:00am, GMT
• IEO ends: 20.04.2020, 07:00am, GMT

MorCrypto - a multifaceted investment company with a platform that provides P2P trading exchange, AI trading system, crypto mining services, crypto compatible e-commerce platform, multi-gaming crypto-based platform and many investment opportunities as well.

MorCrypto is a multifaceted investment company with a platform that provides P2P trading exchange, crypto mining services, crypto compatible e-commerce platform, multi-gaming crypto based platform and many investment opportunities as well. MorCrypto's biggest goal & vision is to be the pioneer of every blockchain based innovation in Africa and to deliver new technological products to further strengthen and encourage blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in the African continent .
We are also bringing a game changer to the cryptocurrency trading space, we call it the "MOR Engine". An AI trading system to give efficiency to expert traders and assist new traders to find trading profitable. We believe this will encourage crypto trading and drive adoption through killing the fear of losing in crypto trading.

▪️CoinNess (CNNS)
▪️FMW Media Works

MorCrypto Exchange (Launching soon)
IEO Exchange (After IEO)

▪️Project Name: MorCrypto Exchange
▪️Token Ticker: MOR
▪️Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum
▪️Total supply: 1,000,000,000
▪️Contract Address: 0xae746520ffdb15d0505e32f1d6e9a2b4ab866572

Beta Exchange
Read Yellowpaper
Join Group
Join Channel
Follow on Twitter
Facebook Page
LinkedIn Profile

▪️Digital Coin Price

MorCrypto Exchange will introduce one of the most efficient AI trading system, a craving of both expert and novice crypto traders. Here's a detailed video explaining some of the features "MOR Engine" will have.
Watch Project Indtroductory Video
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Adult entertainment trough Devil´s Dragon Token

Adult entertainment trough Devil´s Dragon Token
Hello everyone, In this post I would like to talk about some of the DDGN Token features and company achievements.
The company aims to revolutionize adult entertainment trough blockchain innovations presenting the opportunity to the user to be an active participant in this field using the Ecosystem. DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN is fully decentralized autonomous and encrypted. It offers the option to share, publish, and earn through selling, trading, exchanging, and utilizing the features of its ecosystem. A unique multi-use cryptocurrency with many active sites bringing new business models to life and disrupting the high set price of contemporary adult entertainment. DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN is a Ethereum based token that will be able to be used with any other Blockchain project or technology that is already operating.
DDGN is used on active sites to access related and wanted content. The full list can be found on the website by clicking on “Sites” or scrolling down.
TOKENOMICS. (ICO Information / Token Economy) Token name: DRAGON DEVIL Token Symbol: DDGN - Supply Token: 180 000 000 NOT MINTABLE Decimal: 18 - Token type: ERC20 CURRENT STATUS: Under Crowdsale with 5% PRE-SALE Token value 2000 DDGN = 1 ETH for PRIVATE - ONLY PRESALE In ITO sale the rate will be 1000 DDGN = 1 ETH START PRESALE: 2020-08-15 00:01 END: 2020-08-31 23:59
!Please note that only Ethereum is accepted. This will ensure transparency and prevent any fraudulent activities that may impact the value of the coins negatively!
Token Allocation: • Presale (PRIVATE SALE) 5% (All unsold tokens will be burned) • Crowdsale 55% (All unsold tokens will be burned) • Team & Partners 9% (Only used for new partnerships and strengthen the Team) • Reserved 6% (For Exchange and Legal Purposes) • Ecosystem 18% (Only used on our platforms like us write in our White Paper) • Development Team 2% (Used only for development and purposes none of these tokens will be sold) • Founder 4% (Used for administrative, regulatory and internal ecosystem needs only) • Ext Developer 1% (Non-Team Developers to be used for Testing and other Development Purposes on all Ecosystems and their features).
At this point DDGN is already listed on MyCryptoCheckout.
The ways to earn will be further possible by rewards and revenue sharing, live broadcasts, moderating content for the approval or disapproval of forum posts, mining for content, and arranging unused hard disk space. These are set just at the start point. The potential of the new features immense.
Presented Roadmap looks great: • Early 2018. KISSES TECH Established as a Czech Company (February) • Between the beginning of 2018 and the end of 2019. Fixed Adult Entertainment Coin + Many other projects related to Adult Entertainment and Blockchain to evolve and gather together: DDGN • Early 2020 Launch of the DDGN Project • Mid 2020 Launch of ETHpimp Q3 2020 ITO DDGN • Late 2020 Alpha version of the DDGN Dedicated Video Platform with a Decentralized Prize Service for Display and Manufacturing works with DDGN. On this platform the goal is to use a few supporting protocols such as ERC721 to make the videos like unique fine art creations. Luring a new business model which is fairer and more transparent. More Active Sites and More Partners for Ecosystems Alpha Version and Initial Registration First Delivery of Crowd Content Funding Network with Prizes & Decentralized Direct Revenue Sharing on the Stock exchange list
• Early 2021 DDGN Platform Beta Version Dedicated Videos that Live Immediately with Real Rewards and Share Earnings for Views & Creations CDCFN.COM Fully Active with the Distribution of Live Prizes and Adding New Sites to the Ecosystem makes DDGN more rare, enjoyable, and valuable to everyone involved.
Also surfing the blog ( I found very interesting facts about CDCFN (Content Delivery Crowd Funding Network):
A forum like website on which people share their original content and earn rewards in DDGN (Devil´s Dragon) Earned DDGN, as mentioned before will be available for exchanging to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currency. The platform has a members shop, too, where members can earn and spend their earned tokens (DDGN) they gained from the site. Members Shop is integrated to work along side loads of other applications & plugins. Below is presented DDGN Tokens Earning System
  1. Forums - will allow member to earn tokens for starting topics, replying to other topics or to their own one.
  2. Downloads – Earning by uploading files on the platform, reviewing, commenting. Also receiving tokens for each download of their uploaded file.
  3. Calendar – Earning by submitting events, reviewing and commenting on the events.
  4. Gallery - Allowing members to earn for uploading images, reviewing and commenting on images.
  5. Commerce – Earning for a review on a product
  6. Reactions - Allowing members to earn DDGN Tokens for receiving reactions from their content.
  7. Clubs - Awarding users for joining a club and creating topics, replying and uploading files in clubs.
  8. Media Uploader - Awarding DDGN Tokens to users for uploading documents, images, audio and video files.
  9. Bonus DDGN Tokens – Awarding users on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The user will have to log in at least on time in that period.
  10. Award DDGN Tokens - Awarding DDGN to your selected members or user groups via the ACP. On the user profile a section will be possible to add showing the amount of DDGN and a link to donate. The platform will have integrated Warning System which penalizes members if they receive a warning by removing DDGN tokens and setting different amounts of DDGN for different warn reasons. Members Shop Items – allowing members to spend their tokens Each item can be created unlimited times and admins can select different prices and permissions Creating categories to place the items in Setting moderator permissions to allow certain members to buy items for free All items use their own code Each item can have its own permission settings to select what usergroups can view it, buy it or send it Members can sell back their unwanted items at a cost of a certain % of the items price admins will set in the ACP After a user stores an item it will store the rewards for that purchase, so say they store multiple items, then at a later time admins change the rewards for that item in the ACP, they will still receive the rewards set when they purchased the item The list of default items: • Opening a random post count mystery box • Opening a random reputation DDGN Tokens mystery box • Changing username • Changing member title • Adding or editing signature • Uploading an avatar • Opening a mystery DDGN Tokens box • Opening a mystery items box • Resetting users´ warning DDGN Tokens • Allowing members to go browse anonymous until their session ends • Viewing a password from a password protected forum • Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock • Allowing users to pin topics for a selected amount of days • Allowing members to feature files for a selected amount of days • Upgrading usergroup for x amount of days, months or years • Gambling to win a random trophy from Trophy’s & Medals • Buying a trophy from Trophy’s & Medals • Buying a medal from Trophy’s & Medals • Guessing the number • Embedding a video to profile • Uploading an image to use as a background on profile • Sending a personal sticky note • Adding / Editing social info • Custom Codes / Vouchers / Coupons • Creating custom codes for members to purchase including game codes / voucher codes and so on • Once a user redeems this item they will instantly receive a PM with the code attached
List of custom items: • Each Custom Item has to be manually awarded to the members, it could be for a coupon code, it could be anything • Choosing to receive a notification or email saying x member brought x custom item and admins need to award it • Showing a table in the ACP with all custom purchases users have brought showing if the item has been awarded or not • Adding a block to the ACP dashboard with the total amount of items admins need to award manually
Statistics Pages : • Shows a statistics page with a graph of the global DDGN Tokens gained on platform per day / week / month • Shows another statistics page with a graph of the amount of shop items purchased globally and the global DDGN Tokens spent per day / week / month • Shows a 3rd statistics page with a graph of the global DDGN Tokens won using items what you gamble your DDGN Tokens with
Members Bank: • Allowing members to store their DDGN Tokens in a bank • Charging members to deposit their DDGN Tokens • Awarding interest to members each month on their banked DDGN Tokens • Members can view all their transactions in a nice and tidy pop up table • Showing a table in the ACP with all the members who have created a bank account • Showing a 3D pie chart in the ACP with the DDGN Tokens per member group • Showing a 3D pie chart in the ACP with the current interest to pay per usergroup • Showing a graph of the banks transactions from your selected time periods
ACP: • Showing a table listing all Normal items purchased with all the information of the item purchase • Showing a table listing all custom items purchased with all the information of the item purchase • Showing a table listing all custom code items purchased with all the information of the purchase • Showing a table listing all the membergroup upgrade items purchased with all the information of the upgrade, expire date
• Choosing what user groups can gain DDGN Tokens with-in the forums / downloads / reaction settings • Generating unique purchases • Showing the shop items in a nice and clean node table giving you the ability to drag and drop them to different categories and sort them in your preferred positions • Selecting the amount of items to show per page in the shop and items page • Choosing the select to view the shop page / items page / rewards & logs page from either a table view or a nice new grid view • If admins allow users to send items to others admins can select a % of the value of the item to charge the users to send that item • Picking to show either a category in the sidebar of show the categories in a filter button on the table itself • Adding a block to the ACP dashboard showing the amount of custom items admins need to award to the users
With that said, I would like to hear your opinion about the project and the features that the team provides for us!
All this information and much more can be found on the below links.
White paper:
E-mail: [email protected]
Company behind of DDGN Token and development of the platform is KISSES TECHNOLOGY (Group) s.r.o
About the author: Proof of authentication link - Bitcointalk Username - ijeb Bitcointalk URL -;u=1668500
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EXTONS & THISOPTION: The Best Binary Option , Forex , Stocks , Crypto Trading Platform

EXTONS & THISOPTION: The Best Binary Option , Forex , Stocks , Crypto Trading Platform
EXTONS stands for the “TONS Exchange.” They are here as a platform for all businesses to support their projects at a low cost by raising capital. Their services span worldwide and are easy to access. Investors from all walks of life can invest in potential projects, helping businesses complete their goals using their assets, without any hassles. This is the platform is showing us how to get benefits with the expanding cryptocurrency industry. The company for a confident growth of Your investments, as well as for those who are not indifferent to the world of the future with affordable technologies and at reasonable prices. You can trade with simple operations and low costs.
High Liquidity High Liquidity was implemented with a built-in engine that met the wall street industry standards at Extons, making an excellent graphical analysis model implemented, to facilitate users and convenience. More than 250 market parameters and 25/7 provides. in Extons of high support without stopping High liquidity is good..!Extons strength is also very sophisticated and stable, has a multimodular structure that meets the logical and IT supervision requirements in the financial industry, which ensures the operation of our system is stable. The design is implemented very well fathom and back, together with multimodular, increasing our capacity and comfort no doubt and good service for all usersMulti-currency Support Continually introducing and registering quality digital currencies from around the world, giving users various types of transaction services in most digital currencies.
User Experience We provide 24/7 online customer service to ensure smooth operations for every user transaction. Safe and stable We carry out multimodular structures that meet the requirements of the logical structure of IT supervision in the financial industry, which ensures the stable operation of our systems. The front and back designs, together with multi-node and multimodular deployments, increase our capacity and thus provide better services for our customers.
Trading thisoption
Thisoption is the perfect platform for new and experienced traders. With AI technology, new traders do not need to master all trading strategies and methods in order to start investing and make regular profits. They can start with any amount of capital they want and have complete autonomy over how they trade, manage their funds, and when to trade. On the other hand, experienced / master traders can take advantage of the platform's generous leverage and sophisticated interests to make even more money with their skills and experience. While trading with this option may be easy, success is not always guaranteed. Knowing this, this option offers a copy trading tool to allow new traders to learn from the best and trade using master strategies. So what are you waiting for? Time to try this amazing platform from Canada and experience the best the financial trading market has to offer. Good luck there
After a significant stretch of difficult work, the This option Dev Team has effectively associated numerous new installment doors. This is to help the reserve funds program in July for quicker and progressively advantageous administrations. Installment entryways that are acknowledged by the program include:

  • Bitcoin ( BTC )
  • Ripple ( XRP )
  • USDT ( Tether )
  • Ethereum ( ETH )
  • TRON ( TRX )
  • Litecoin ( LTC )
  • Binance Coin ( BNB )
For me info visit ▶ ️ Extons: ▶ ️ THISOPTION: ▶ ️ Whitepaper: ▶ ️ Telegram: ▶ ️ ANN : ▶ ️ Medium:
AUTHOR My Bitcointalk Username: Amendy1;u=2426201
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The Unifinity Dapp Platform

The Unifinity Dapp Platform
Unifinity blockchain integration into the educational system will reduce stress attached to processing the student's payments which can involve the parents, financial institutions, education institutions, and governments. Cryptocurrency payment will simplify the payment process and eliminating any complexities in the processes.
The concept of this great platform is to build the first DAPP ( Decentralized Application ) that will help and support all the universities by providing them with accessibility and technology through the use of blockchain technology. Unifinity has seen the need for quality education and the negative impact lack of it can bring in our today's society and the world at large.
Quick in providing information
With Unifinity, universities can kill things that are not important in providing data to guardians and students. Streamlining the legal authorization framework to be more effective and less entangled as in the past.
Given the guidelines on their official website, this effort has started taking shots in 2018. What's more, just this year it was officially exhausted and presented at the token49, Ethereum SuperMeetUP, and Unchain Conversion events. After all, their latest data intends to hold the underlying commitment to the University of Cebu.
Friendly, Unifinity adscititiously has a shop. The unifinity administration's capacity as a commercial center makes it easy for students to buy their essence. For those of you who need to sell their products, you can legally register your store at their official store. Unifinity is available for people in general. For now, with free registration, and installments can use the famous crypto coins, for example, BTC, eth, BCH, and run. Join Unifinity to improve the superior compensation authorization framework.
Benefits for universities
Anti-counterfeiting data
At present, there are many cases of data forgery ranging from certificates or identity cards. But using blockchain, such problems will never happen again. They use the blockchain to verify the authenticity of documents.
Automatic salary payment
Universities can provide automatic salaries to their teachers and workers without fear of delay due to various things. This is possible thanks to the presence of SmartContrac, they can create programs that suit their needs.
Transmission made easier
The university sends notifications to all students without worrying about losing something.
Came cloud storage
Sometimes it is difficult to make cloud storage easily accessible to students or once because of the limitations of the brand used. But with blockchain, all of these problems can be overcome. They can implement cloud storage as a torrent, which can be accessed easily without paying more.
Benefits for parents of students

  • Access to updated student data such as attendance or all of their school activities
  • Send or receive money for their children
  • Manage or track children's finances
  • Automatic school payment management
  • Monitor all homework and new lessons
  • As a reminder of activities, exams and lesson time
  • Like a digital wallet
  • And these are some ideas about the blockchain project that focuses on changing the education management system for better and more efficient. If you want to find more complete information about the Unifinity project, you can visit one of the
  • links below.
Ann Thread:

Author: Amendy1
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HEX crypto: the coin with enarmous potential

Bitcoin early adopter, Richard Heart, accepts there is a superior method to store an incentive in crypto. He accepts there is a superior method to see exponential gains in the coming years.
His arrangement? … to dispatch an ERC-20 Ethereum token called, "HEX" — once Bitcoin Hex, and incorporate the brilliant agreement with the best game hypothesis rewards structure the cryptoverse has ever observed.
The outcome? HEX coin beats all other crypto's because of its one of a kind motivator lockup model.
To begin with, it's imperative to note, HEXcoin is FREE to all Bitcoin hodler's. So NO, it is anything but a trick! You will have the chance to guarantee your free tokens in under about fourteen days of this present article's distribute date. You will get 10,000 HEX coins for each 1 Bitcoin you hold. Visit for subtleties.
The HEX coin staking model is logical virtuoso!
Why HEX Could 1000x in the Coming Bull Run:
There is as of now no recorded cost for HEX coin. There will be a 50 Week guaranteeing period where Bitcoin holders will have the chance to guarantee their free tokens. Whatever value we build up at the multi week point is the point at which the enjoyment starts. Could we 1,000x starting there ahead? … if not more?
Richard, in his virtuoso, has built up a model for staking and bolting up coins, which makes certain to drive up the cost of HEX exponentially after some time.
Here's the essential outline: 
When you guarantee your coins from you will be allowed the chance to stake your coins. At the point when you choose to stake your coins by means of the HEX site, you will be remunerated with progressively HEX tokens. It's straightforward. The more you stake your coins (multi month, 1 year, 5 years, 50 years… ) the more HEX you'll get. At the point when your staking period closes, you'll need to either pull those tokens or re-stake them. In the event that you neglect to pull your tokens toward the finish of the staking time frame, you will start to lose those tokens consistently. These lost tokens will at that point be circulated to the whole system of stakers. You should observe, HEX is arrangement to bring the most extreme monetary profits conceivable. This implies, it's manufacturers needed to grow profoundly modern game hypothesis which, 1. Is stacked against venders, brokers and momentary stakers — and the individuals who neglect to pull their recently unstaked coins. Also, 2. Is lavishly compensating long haul hodler's who additionally focus on when their staking period(s) end. This splendid model is purportedly going to make #HEXcoin the most important token in the crypto biological system. 
In the event that you don't know Richard; here's a person who was not just brilliant enough to purchase Bitcoin in the twofold digits, yet additionally knows advertising. He lives to contemplate the brain science of business sectors, explicitly the crypto showcase. He realizes what makes coins siphon and dump. He put his times of aggregate information into building up a coin intended to siphon hard and stay away forever to earlier lows.
Obviously, there is no assurance HEX will do anything. Richard isn't promising anybody anything! It is essentially my conclusion that Richard has planned HEX with a flash of brilliance. This, combined with his uncanny capacity to advertise ventures, I can't perceive how this could lose.
Keep in mind, you and I have nothing to lose. It's free cash.
We basically visit the HEX site, let it take a preview of our Bitcoin property, guarantee our tokens, stake them, and let it ride.
Richard knows, more than most, that MARKETING is everything. Prior to turning into a Bitcoin very rich person, he ran a promoting organization that utilized as much as 150 individuals. He realizes how to try sincerely and take ventures from nothing to the stratosphere.
So what do we have to lose?
I don't think about you, yet I'm not going to pass up this one!
I tuned in to my companions who let me know Bitcoin was a crude idea in 2011–2012. So in my ineptitude, I never got included. Truth be told, I didn't do my own exploration. I let my "all powerful" companions (fruitful individuals in their own right) do my speculation for me. I'm not going to commit that error twice.
We are given another opportunity to gain a Bitcoinesque token as a FREE airdrop. Is it going to be more fruitful than Bitcoin? Who knows? Be that as it may, I'm certain as hellfire not going to hold on and sit idle, similar to the salty non-adherents who are out there.
Richard appropriately focuses to the entirety of the other crypto ventures that have airdropped FREE coins to Bitcoin holders. Simply take a gander at Stellar or Ripple. Like them or despise them, they gave free coins to Bitcoin holders. Presently, those tokens are top 10 market top crypto's. They have been for quite a while!
The #HEX coin model may not be the most effortless to comprehend for non-specialized individuals. Yet, you don't need to know the in's and out's to benefit from it. I urge you to do your own exploration at before pushing ahead. 
"HEX: The primary high intrigue blockchain CD"
Asserting and Staking #HEX coin will resemble owning an amazingly HIGH premium, high return banking CD. Enhance this with the "pumpamentals" incorporated with HEX, and you've conceivably got your hands on a crypto that would one be able to day surpass Bitcoin.
HEX links: Website: Twitter page: Facebook page: Telegram page: Github: Reddit page: Medium page: Ann:
Author information; Bitcointalk username: Tridax9 Bitcointalk profile:;u=2619398
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HEX juicy importance

Typical Bitcoin forks have a couple of issues Frail security: Double spends On the off chance that the fork utilizes a similar evidence of work, or mining equipment, it's inconsequential for diggers from the bigger unique venture to assault it.
Medium BitcoinHEX utilizes the very much tried ERC20 standard to keep away from any of these issues. Powerless advancement: Fewer engineers In principle, a bigger network of engineers will attempt more cool things and complete in excess of a littler network.
BitcoinHEX by being an ERC20 token gets full favorable position of the biggest pool of designers in crypto (Ethereum engineers), and the entirety of the cool new innovations they make, for example, appropriated trades, nuclear swaps, and so forth
Poor motivator arrangement: Free riders You and your cooperation difficult to make something new and cool, to have a whale wake up one day and glimmer crash the market on you. Why? Free loaders suck.
BitcoinHEX "We're all Satoshi" include which gives every unclaimed coin to individuals that claimed at 2% per week more than 50 weeks implies that in under a year, just genuinely invested individuals will hold the token.
Out of line dissemination Should the person that lives in china with free power and about free work accessible get most of all the recently stamped coins (expansion)? While expanding centralization, and not wanting to haggle with the journalists of the product they run (center designers.) BitcoinHEX is genuinely circulated to those that advance it through: the 5% referral hold it, through staking, or on the other hand help get the undertaking to minimum amount and appropriation (rewards for cases and guarantee size.)
The rich getting more extravagant unreasonably Trades and assets reward themselves while offering nothing to the little folks whose Bitcoin they should be in guardianship of. Trades are something contrary to what Bitcoin was made for. Distributed money. Not companion to trade to peer money. They're large security openings that have l ost a large number of dollars of client reserves.
Whales asserting BitcoinHEX are punished 50-75% on the grounds that who actually needs some mammoth trade or store guaranteeing an enormous part of your token to dump on you at their recreation? Punishment triggers from 1k-10k+ coins.
Expansion for security Though Bitcoin has expanded its stockpile by 17 million coins over its reality by paying diggers to mine (square rewards.) BitcoinHEX needn't bother with expansion for security. Enough individuals are digging Ethereum for a wide range of reasons that we don't need to pay them BitcoinHEX to do as such.
Disparagement of the first A few forks like to imagine they're the genuine article, and not only a duplicate. They do this by having a fundamentally the same as name, logo, and even purchase twitter handles and sites that used to advance the genuine article, to advance the duplicate. In reality a duplicate does best when it separates itself with better highlights, evaluating, or promoting. In the event that your plan of action incorporates claiming to be something you're not, it's a terrible plan of action. BitcoinHEX isn't Satoshi's vision, it's likewise not Bitcoin. It's Bitcoin forked into Ethereum. That has focal points ordinary Bitcoin forks don't. It is amusing to prod different forks when focuses to however Smiley They earned that prodding.
Why BitcoinHEX is incredible Low expansion
All the cool game hypothesis that quickens appropriation of the undertaking ends in under 1 year. At that point the main expansion in the undertaking originates from individuals that've removed coins from flow by staking. At the point when the main swelling you have is from remunerations to individuals that have trustlessly and safely bolted up their tokens for an extensive stretch of time, that is incredible for esteem.
No paying excavators for security with square rewards Conveyance to those well on the way to have been in crypto the longest Simple for trades to coordinate because of recognition and trust of ERC20 standard. Works with appropriated trades no problem at all Works with nuclear swaps no problem at all Most devs in the crypto (Ethereum) Simple case apparatus, asserts all UTXOs in a location without a moment's delay
Incredible advertising. Howdy Smiley Low charges. A bitcoinHEX exchange would just cost around 27 pennies or less on 5/24/2018 Scaling arrangements not too far off. Vitalik Buterin has been distributing take a shot at evidence of stake and sharding which could lessen waste and increment exchange limit incredibly.
Incredible practice, particularly in the event that you've never encountered the biggest crypto environment and second biggest by marketcap.
Advances free discourse. You can transmit your business and financial vitality that used to just exist in the Bitcoin language, in the Ethereum language. Broadens your scope of individuals you can exchange with, talk tokens to.
Tokenomics Moment Referral Bonus Individuals you allude get came up with all required funds, and you get a 5% referral reward. Appropriation rewards to stakers (end on 50th week, since all cases will be finished)
We're all Satoshi (week after week) Like clockwork a reward equivalent to 2% of unclaimed assets is dispersed to individuals that claimed. Reward topped at 100% of unclaimed tokens. For example, if Satoshi doesn't guarantee, individuals who willed get a reward equivalent to his coins after some time, however not more.
Speed Bonus (paid to petitioner on guarantee) Claimable: Balance in addition to [math below] first week 10%< second week (10% x (.95 to the intensity of [week number]) SpeedBonuss Viral Bonus (week by week) The more individuals that guarantee, the bigger the rewards Complete reward upmod (Guarantee % of 1/3 all out conceivable case occasions)/10 Minimum amount Bonus (week by week) The bigger the cases the bigger the rewards. All out reward upmod (Guarantee % of all out potential coins)/10 A debt of gratitude is in order for the rewards Inception contract gets a similar reward you do. Selection rewards to stakers (end on 50th week, since all cases will be finished)
Senseless whales Singular cases 1k to 10k+ btc punished 50 to 75% directly scaled before rewards.
Goxmenot Gox trustee addresses can't guarantee Typical Staking (Not thought about a reward and doesn't end at 50 weeks) 1% per 10 days. Longer lockup= impetus multiplier Example Time reward: multi day lockup = 129.6% (on the grounds that 3.6 occasions 36%= 129.6%)
Time divider As % of profit tokens is bolted up, decreases reward multiplier. In the event that half bolted up at start, at that point multiplier decreased half Early winged creatures get the worms.
Guaranteeing A depiction of the Bitcoin UTXO will be taken at square tallness (to be reported after agreement is reviewed). The UTXO set will be smoothed for gas effectiveness, and the Merkle tree foundation of that set will be implanted in an ERC20 token agreement to permit Bitcoin holders to reclaim their tokens.
HEX links: Website: Twitter page: Facebook page: Telegram page: Github: Reddit page: Medium page: Ann:
Author information; Bitcointalk username: Corneafx Bitcointalk profile:;u=2649614
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HEX: answers to your question

HEX is an ERC20 token that got propelled in December 2019. Hex is the main high-intrigue blockchain authentication of store. Positioning dependent on the exchange, HEX is the #3 application on the Ethereum. HEX cryptographic money keeps on having an effective first month. About 50K in Ethereum got changed into HEX coin, and over a billion dollars in Bitcoin got guaranteed. Richard Heart, Founder of HEX, expressed, "HEX is as of now a triumph with 10k in addition to clients, and it's increasing all the more consistently. The innovation works extraordinary, and I am exceptionally content with it," He further expressed, "We have an incredible network, which is delivering astonishing advancement and improvement. The biological system continues showing signs of improvement as every day passes." HEX is a Bitcoin-connected Investment Scheme, that clients will have the option to twofold their cash. "Gracious, it would appear that a trick, I realize that," says Richard Heart, the author of the questionable new cryptographic money HEX. Addressing Tone Vays' Bitcoin Law Review digital broadcast, he concedes that, "on the off chance that you don't investigate it, it would seem that each other trick." This is the thing that makes HEX one of a kind (Updated on December 14: trades, where HEX is accessible, have been included) HEX is "intended to increment in esteem quicker than everything else ever," and clients can gain enthusiasm of up to 369%, contingent upon the measure of HEX they stake. Does this sound unrealistic? All things considered, for some crypto specialists and observers it does. Various specialists either confirm that HEX looks suspicious or that it most certainly is a trick, albeit some point out that it isn't actually a Ponzi trick, regardless of appearances. How is HEX expected to function Here's a concise diagram of how HEX should function, as indicated by its own site. Singular financial specialists can acquire HEX by doing both of three things: 1) demonstrating they claim a specific measure of Bitcoin (BTC) by marking an exchange with their private key; 2) trading Ethereum (ETH) for HEX; or 3) alluding a companion. When clients have HEX, they are then urged to 'stake' the token (for example keep it secured a keen agreement). This wins them intrigue (paid in HEX), which changes relying upon to what extent they keep their HEX staked and the amount of the general inventory of HEX is staked by all clients. "HEX pays stakers swelling," organizer Richard Heart discloses to "After day 353 HEX has all things considered 3.69% swelling, and it's postponed as it's just paid toward the finish of a stake, and stakes can be as long as 5,555 days in length." The HEX site makes reference to that keeping an extent of HEX staked will expand the estimation of unstaked HEX. The thing is, there's no basic rationale, instrument or power by which unstaked HEX procures an incentive in any case.
HEX important links: Website: Twitter page: Facebook page: Telegram page: Github: Reddit page: Medium page: Ann:
Author information; Bitcointalk username: Tessyad Bitcointalk profile:;u=2577720;sa=summary
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Happy 3rd Birthday, ENS! 🎈🎂🎁

Happy 3rd Birthday, ENS! 🎈🎂🎁

Happy 3rd Birthday, ENS! Have you renewed your .ETH names yet?
Ethereum Name Service May 5
May the 4th be with you.
Today marks the 3rd birthday of the Ethereum Name Service, one of the longest running and most used set of smart-contracts on Ethereum.

How far ENS has come

When ENS was first launched by Nick Johnson and crew in 2017, it only supported .ETH names, it only resolved Ethereum addresses, and it had auctions (your unrevealed bids, RIP) and a deposit-and-return fee model for those .ETH names. The plan was to see how things went and upgrade it two years later to a permanent system.
That upgrade happened a year ago, when ENS migrated to the Permanent Registrar. Auctions were replaced with instant registrations; all .ETH names were made ERC721-compliant NFTs (the ERC721 standard didn’t exist when ENS first launched); and the deposit-and-return fee model was replaced with a spent annual fee one.
We’ve also greatly expanded what you can do with ENS: we’ve added multi-coin support; a Content record for IPFS hashes, Swarm hashes, and Tor .onion addresses; text records for personal information, including the ability for users to create their own record types; the integration of the DNS TLDs .XYZ, .KRED, .ART, .LUXE, and .CLUB (with full DNS namespace integration coming soon); and a tool to make it easy for users to upload to IPFS in the ENS Manager.
ENS has been integrated in over 130 wallets and dapps, including Opera, Brave, and others for surfing the decentralized web, and leading wallets like Coinbase Wallet; Almonit launched as a search engine of the decentralized ENS-based web; Vitalik led the way in the viral practice of people putting their .ETH names in their Twitter profiles; ENS joined the DNS Operations Analysis and Research Center; Rocket LP DAO issued the first ENS-backed loan; and we even got to present at EthVR0.
We’ve also spelled out our thinking regarding why we won’t create additional new TLDs, why we’ve set ourselves up as a non-profit, and why we think it’s best to use Ethereum and ETH rather than a bespoke blockchain and token for a blockchain-based naming system.

Action items!

If you registered a .ETH name early on with the auction model, there are two things you need to do, both with the ENS Manager:

1) Get your original deposit back

While logged in to MetaMask or your Web3 browser with the Ethereum account that owns your .ETH names, search for your early .ETH names.
Then click the button “Return” near the top to get your deposit back from the old system. (Note: For names you registered after the switch to a spent annual fee model, there’s no fee to return to you.)

2) Renew your names

On the same page for your name in the ENS Manager, you’ll need to renew your .ETH name to keep it.
Most names cost just $5 a year (with 3 and 4 character .ETH names costing more), and you can pay ahead. That means, you can add one year of registration to your name for $5, or add 10 years for $50.
If you don’t renew your old .ETH names, they will be released in August for other people to register. So renew your names!
All names registered since last May with the new system will also need to be renewed over the next year (if you hadn’t already paid ahead).
Read more on our Medium post: The Great Renewal: It’s Time to Renew Your .ETH Names — Or Else Lose Them

Follow us

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Securing your portfolio with Digital Gold investment

Securing your portfolio with Digital Gold investment
The world is moving quickly. Regardless of whether various advances develop, things are changing step by step. Soe years back encountered fast decrease on the planet economy and left a defining moment with the central issue, where are we going from here? Since 2009, the fortune of the world's business tasks, combined with GOLD Blockchain and Ethereum, where Blockchain technology was introduced, are past regular organizations. As a matter of fact sources, the cryptocurrency has been found to improve the benefit class the executives business; For quite a while, it is imagined that capital administration is a significant module in the organization of a portfolio.
A large portion of the rich verifiable social today has gold as a major aspect of their history. This spot is supposed to be honoured and rich, particularly when gold is discovered someplace in my locale. Truth be told, it is in some cases celebrated. Nonetheless, this joined with different reasons made gold entirely important. Jewelery and other gold materials, for the most part, worn by ladies, are very costly, and whoever gets them is frequently extremely tasteful. Some by them to have something worth withdrawing when cash is required. Financial specialists, particularly gold and other metal speculators, accept that the cost of gold increments on a yearly premise. This certainly causes them to contribute.
Acknowledge that Digital Assets, GOLD Token, blockchain technology, Ethereum, Ether and other related and related innovations are new and untested and GOLD Stablecoin-explicit control and negative changes in showcase powers or technology can be one-sided or halted GOLD Stablecoin under these conditions and for this situation won't be answerable for out-of-execution.
The Digital Gold venture remains as a superb task planned for incorporating physical gold and virtual economy, so the undertaking disposes of the tiring activities and necessities for gold purchasing and selling by digitalizing gold with blockchain technology. Exploiting blockchain technology, Digital Gold kills the impediment on gold, so gold exchanging is improved, utilized as a method for instalment, and gold tokens upheld by physical gold guarantee that it is secure because of security conventions executed by blockchain.
The GOLD token is the thing that you need when you have to work out the mystery of your crypto assets. Your points of interest will likewise have a comparative worth, as every GOLD coin is attached to the gold put away in a secured stockpiling office. High flightiness won't influence the expense of GOLD tokens, presumably in light of the fact that the worth depends on the expense of gold in the gold market. Significant distance gold worth strength makes GOLD a decent choice for USD or EUR based stablecoin.
GOLD Stablecoin is to open the cryptocurrency market to everybody with an assortment of fascinating items and administrations. As a dependable organization, we energize blockchain reception and offer a protected and simple approach to take an interest later on for money related markets. The GOLD Stablecoin stages permit an essential and invaluable way to deal with utilize all the advantages of the most present-day and advance the present advances nowadays.
The Digital Gold token is an astounding open entryway for speculators searching for straightforward ways to deal with buy gold and stable PC assets. GOLD's assessed gold expense relies upon the Digital Gold stage, permitting you to buy straightforward and stable PC assets. Having a GOLD token resembles having physical gold because each coin is appended to the base to ensure the coin is anticipated. GOLD token buys just take a couple of moments, making GOLD tokens most likely the least complex ways to deal with putting assets under gold. More information can be accessed through the links below: Website: Whitepaper: Bitcointalk ANN: Telegram: Twitter:
Author: Bitcointalk name: shollyen Bitcointalk Link:;u=2142952
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RiB Newsletter #11 – The Flourishing Spring

It was a huge month for blockchain Rust! It seems like we’ve all been productive sitting at home hacking. We’ve seen so many interesting developments, hopefully we captured them all in this report. Really, it has been overwhelming trying to pull together all the content and contributions this month. It’s amazing!
There were significant developments for several Rust blockchain projects:
We learned of new, or new-to-us Rust blockchain and crypto projects:
Virtual conferences have been flourishing. There were at least three online blockchain conferences, the materials for which should be available:
Encouraging things are happening in the Rust security and cryptography space. The RustSec project has been accelerating, releasing 5 Rust-related security advisories in April; and the RustCrypto organization released new secp256k1 curve implementations and ed25519 signature implementations, among others. This and other activity we’ve seen recently from the Rust secure code working group has been encouraging and exciting.
This was also a big month for RiB. Lots of people submitted news and project updates. Thank you so much! It really improves the quality and breadth of our project coverage.
We now have automation to collect project stats from GitHub (the “merged PR’s” etc. listed for each project, and the “Most Active Projects” section). This will help us reduce the effort that goes into producing each newsletter, and as a result we no longer need help collecting those stats (we do though very much need help choosing important news, blogs, pulls, and issues for each project).

Read more:
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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary - May 13
🔹 General News: — Standard Chartered claims first Yuan-based letter of credit issued on a Blockchain — India’s Government partners with a Blockchain company to help farmers
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Bitcoin price hits $9K as data shows miner revenues fell 47% in 1 day — Vitalik Buterin clarifies remarks on expected launch date of ETH 2.0. Ethereum long positions has also hit $300M on Bitfinex — Matic introduced Staked as its next independent validator. Matic will also get listed on Binance U.S. once mainnet will go live — AWC got listed on Hoo Exchange! AWC/USDT trading pair is now available for both erc20 & bep2 tokens — Tether emerges as popular choice among Asian, European traders; USDC follows
🔹 Exchanges: — Bitfinex launches institutional grade custody solution — Binance adds GXS to customizable locked savings and adds GXS/USDT trading pair. Binance has also frozen funds stolen from Upbit in late 2019
🔹 Cool tech fact: We only need to capture 0.02% of the Sun’s energy to meet the current energy needs of the entire planet.
💬 Quote of the day: "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." —Lord Byron
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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My mostly-impartial take on the top 20 coins on CoinMarketCap

Backstory: I have a friend who is becoming interested in cryptocoins, and I decided to write about a sentence to share what I know about the top 20 coins on Coinmarketcap. As for my knowledge: I've been obsessive about crypto since 2010, but I've taken some time off out of irritation with the soured bitcoin community (I did take a side in the debate for awhile, now I'm disgusted with the entire community). Everything below is recollection and opinion. Much of my knowledge is greater than two or three months old, except for Augur, which I still follow closely. Please - read along and feel free to berate me.
1 Bitcoin - Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, and the coin with the most adoption. Despite the high market cap, it is bending under it's own weight. The core developers and the miners have scary agendas. Bitcoin is likely to survive and thrive, but not because of anything the community has done to help it.
2 Ethereum - Ethereum isn't technically intended as currency, but some see it as bitcoin 2.0 because it extends the basic blockchain ledger idea. Because Ethereum has a turing complete scripting language built into it, it is more susceptible to new attacks and will need to be substantilly hardened for years to come. The development team is led by Vitalik Buterin, a young genius. Ethereum is generally seen as having a strong development team and a lot of future potential, especially in managing sub-tokens and smart contracts like Augur and Digix.
3 Ripple - Ripple is poorly regarded by many seasonsed cryptocurrency users - many (including myself) do not regard it as a cryptocurrency, but as a general scam. Note that Ripple has low market volume and few privacy protections.
4 Litecoin - Litecoin was the second cryptocurrency to be developed (after bitcoin in 2012) and it is currently traded in China because the developer base is Chinese. Litecoin is literally a bitcoin clone with two modifications. It has potential for speculation, but is not generally used in the US.
5 Monero - Monero is the strongest privacy-centric coin. It uses a novel blockchain solution called ring-signatures that forces mixing for every transaction. Monero took a long time to catch on because of the absence of a GUI wallet. A GUI wallet was recently released. Monero got a recent pump by being the primary currency of Alphabay - instead of bitcoin. (Personal note: I sold all of my monero and I regret it now. Please PM me seed phrases containing coins!) :P
6 Ethereum Classic - Ethereum Classic is quite literally a "grudge coin". Some ethereum users were upset when an Ethereum Contract (The DAO) was rolled back by the Ethereum team, and they revolted by remaining on the old Ethereum fork - the fork that did not roll back the DAO. Many users also see this as a part of the bitcoin hardfork argument because it seems apparent that those who do not want to fork bitcoin to raise the blocksize limit are staging a protest to demonstrate how badly things can go if a coin is forked.
7 Dash - Dash is a very interesting fork of bitcoin with several neat features and a very aggressive development roadmap. Dash is the most prominent coin to pay nodes for obfuscating transactions. People who hold 1000 dash can run a masternode and support darksend transactions while receiving dash in return. This has been very positive for dash in the long run because it makes the token worth hoarding. Dash also has a anonymous transaction solution that has had some scrutiny from the crypto community because of suggestions that one person (government) hosting many masternodes could deobfuscate transactions.
8 MaidSafeCoin - MadeSafeCoin is one of several tokens designed to foster decentralized cloud based data storage. MaidSafe has been in existence for a very long time but only really got traction when the cryptocurrency revolution started. MaidSafe's primary competitor is Storj, though, the last time I checked, both teams deny they're competing.
9 Augur - Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform that is currently in alpha development. The token (Reputation) was released several months ago by users hoping for a quick product launch, but they were disappointed and many sold, leaving the token very cheap. All indications are that the development team is being careful and meticulous to release a working product and avoid something similar to the DAO fiasco. If Augur Reputation is successful, holders of the token will receive regular payouts for reporting on the correct outcome of prediction markets.
10 Steem - Steem is a token-incentivized discussion board, sort of similar to reddit or quora. The basic gist (I believe) is that users reward other users with tokens for submitting worthwhile content. This is probably over-simplified and wrong
11 NEM - I am not familiar with NEM.
12 Iconomi - I am not familiar with Iconomi
13 Dogecoin - Dogecoin started as a meme based on the Shiba Inus dog breed, it was originally a litecoin clone that gained tremendous community traction based on the concept of doing good and sharing good will. The token was widely dismissed, though it has maintained some usefulness.
14 Factom - Factom is a project that verifies the legitimacy of information and databases by stamping/hashing the data in the factom chain. This insures data integrity and could allow proof of ownership, proof of invention, proof of accurate records, etc. Factom was a big deal when it was launhed, but as with many other tokens it doesn't have the same luster as investors have moved on to other tokens, despite the inherent usefulness.
15 Waves - I hold some Waves and I don't even know what it is right now.
16 Stellar Lumens - I don't recall what Stellar is at this moment.
17 DigixDAO - Digix is intended to serve as digital gold. The concept is that the maintainers of digix will hold literal gold reserves in a vault equal to the issuance of tokens. There are regular audits, and demonstrable proof of assets. People who depend on literal assets tend to like the knowledge that their asset is tied to a physical asset, but others feel like this totally misses the point of scarcely created cryptocoins (i.e. bitcoin).
18 Zcash - Zcash is a new privacy-centered cryptocoin. Much hyped.
19 Lisk - Lisk is an ethereum clone, similar to what Ethereum Classic has become. I consider it in the same league as Litecoin to Bitcoin.
20 GameCredits - Something, Something, something, get paid for playing games and exchange game credits with other gamers.
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GAINS Announcements

Crypto News Summary- May 9
🔹 General News: — South Korea to develop an identity platform on the Blockchain for autonomous vehicles — New Zealand’s central bank is hiring a digital currency specialist — Brazil shows spike in Bitcoin volume as Argentina sees 437% YoY Surge on Crypto Platform
🔹 Coin Specific News: — Bitcoin reclaims generational log curve with 160% rally — MCO Visa Cards now shipping to customers in the UK & Europe — Bitcoin miners made $412.5 million in revenue during April, new data indicates — Ethereum poised to revisit multi-month highs as technical strength builds — Ripple's XRP ushers in wallet termination capability
🔹 Exchanges: — Binance Savings adds ATOM and NEO to flexible savings — OKCoin brings two industry vets onboard amid global expansion
🔹 Cool tech fact: The first smartphone was the Apple iPhone in 2007.
💬 Quote of the day: “Life is unpredictable and death is the realization of truth; what we do in between makes it meaningful.” ― Krishnendu Pramanick
🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
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XTRABYTES is basically Ethereum 2.0, but with greater scalability, security, and freedom.

XTRABYTES is basically Ethereum 2.0, but with greater scalability, security, and freedom. submitted by madpen to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Discover the high value of Digital Gold

Discover the high value of Digital Gold
Advanced GOLD is the embodiment of each veritable speculation, essentially in light of the fact that it has a genuine worth that dynamically develops as the estimation of unadulterated gold increments with the progression of time. This is because of the way that it is altogether supported by unadulterated metal gold.
We regularly discover that the principle spot we cross for our GOLD hoops buying is in the Gems stores, the greatest time we get deceived by utilizing purchasing a bit of GOLD at a higher expense than the genuine cost of that bit of GOLD. Also, people who contribute and change GOLD and get them from Gem retailers or shopping offices, or a solicitation from a vendor who supplies in a monstrous sum.
What's extra, at the time that you need to arrange out from a vendor, even as you may get the genuine estimation of the Gram of Gold you are paying for, you may be inclined to plausible assault by outlaws, who can likewise truck away with your costly GOLD and you are left with nothing. Be that as it may, Computerized GOLD has come to make alterations to this, just as keep up and logically increment its worth.
Intriguing Realities ABOUT THE Utilization OF Computerized GOLD TOKEN
Dependability: The token is pegged to the estimation of the gold spot cost, along these lines going roughly as a Stablecoin, ensuring it towards commercial centre eccentrics at the digital money commercial centre, while in like manner empowering clients to benefit off long haul gold expense rises.
Shockingly, a keen proficient group, with first-class encounters in cryptographic money, blockchain development and related fields have purposeful a Computerized GOLD as a 100% stable coin utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and the Savvy Agreement. With this strong coin, Clients pays for any amount of GOLD they need, safely and securely get them spared in their wallet on the blockchain that is especially exhibited and extravagance while appearing differently in relation to the customary system for getting and setting ceaselessly GOLD from an expert or from adornments shops.
Gold proprietorship with GOLD Tokens clients might be glad proprietors of physical gold abusing the unpracticed speculation assurance of this valuable metal without encountering the issue related with getting and security of GOLD. That is, there is satisfaction on all sides.
On the off chance that it's anything but a gold token, at that point it's no other, in light of the fact that it is an ideal portrayal of a steady coin. The cost isn't just steady at a specific occasion of the expansion in gold cost itself, yet there will likewise be an increment in the cost of the advanced gold token.
For more information about Digital Gold project, you can visit the following links:
My Bitcointalk profile link:;u=2150171
Bitcointalk Username: pedpedped101
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DIGITAL GOLD: digitalization of the financial markets with gold

DIGITAL GOLD: digitalization of the financial markets with gold
HELLO, before focusing on the Digital Gold project in-depth, it is appropriate to give a bit of perspective on why digitized gold is highly relevant for the cryptocurrency market. Currently, the financial market holds several huge gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) , with enormous amounts of funds. For instance, the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) currently has a market cap of over $ 36 billion, thus proving that gold remains an attractive asset for people worldwide. The total value of the gold market cap is difficult to determine, yet it exceeds the $ 100 billion threshold. The sheer amount of capital invested into these funds, when compared to the amount of gold that is purchased and stored, leads to a simple conclusion: The general public is not keen on buying, storing and transacting physical gold. The reasons backing this claim vary,yet many users are already accustomed to the financial market as it is. Buying and storing actual gold leads to complications, such as following strict legal procedures, and ensuring security measures. Therefore, consumers prefer hiring a third party to handle these aspects for them.
The Digital Gold undertaking was made so as to encourage a simple, powerful and proficient buy framework for gold market. The Digital Gold commercial center will likewise fill in as a road for purchasing and selling of Gold token. In Digital Gold commercial center, the valuing data of gold will be shown for anyone passing by to view. The Digital Gold commercial center is extremely secure and they are prepared to offer ordinary client administrations to the clients of the stage. The commercial center was intended to suit web base and furthermore be perfect with portable applications.
The part of bad investment, economic problem and bank saving not guarantee good return till date was the reason why theDigital Gold Storage team create Gold StableCoin an advanced concrete utilized, great concept and totally decentralized world blockchain-based digital currency technology payment asset, good for storage of value, superior risk free investment and ever appreciating in terms of value / price.
Purchasing and putting away real Digital Gold prompts complexities, for example, following severe lawful methodology, and guaranteeing safety efforts. In this manner, shoppers lean toward contracting an outsider to deal with these perspectives for them. In this situation, an appropriate option in contrast to ETFs is buying tokenized gold. This is actually what the Digital Gold project expects to do, while likewise furnishing clients with a few advantages.
By utilizing the GOLD token to buy digital gold, clients don't confront the danger of having their records blocked. This regularly occurs with representatives because of their exacting terms, for example, restricted nation accessibility, exchanging cutoff points, or obtrusive solicitations for individual data. Then again, the Digital Gold token enables clients to exchange as much as they might want, without expecting to unveil
Gold StableCoin is project implemented to bridge the lapses which the governments, institutions (Banks), old and new stable asset in the crypto market are unable to fix and to make having real gold easier for every individual. Besides, Gold StableCoin is a complete bulletproof project, tested ok and it is an Ethereum ERC20 based token backed and pegged with real physical gold stored in Bullion Star secure vault.
However, each token consists of one gram of vault-stored 99.99% fine purity grade gold and it is another way of owning purity gold without the exposing of your private identity.
Gold StableCoin posed the attribute of quality security, no transfer fees (yes, you don't need to pay any fee when making payment or transaction), privacy and high liquidity. Besides, the additional feature of this token is to provide fast transaction, sound profit, convenient and quick protection against the fluctuation in the price of the crypto market and making gold easy for everyone to own.
Gold StableCoin is already working / live project. You can buy and sell Digital Gold at the project digital marketplace and at the supporting exchange site. It can be transferred and stored as an addition to your portfolio.

For more information about this project visit the links below:
White paper=
Ann thread=
Writers profile
Btt username: juliwantslove
Btt url:;u=2443607;sa=summary
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Central Banks & Ethereum are Confidence Games - Ann Rhefn How to Mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) - Ethash ⛏ Why Ethereum is the MOST PROFITABLE & MOST IMPORTANT Coin ... WHAT IS THE POLKADOT COIN?! POLKADOT VS ETHEREUM - YouTube

Ethereum ist eine programmierbare Blockchain mit einer eigenen Kryptowährung oder Münze, die Ether genannt wird. Es ist dezentralisiertes digitales Geld, das von der ETH bezeichnet wird. Genau wie Bitcoin wird Ether von keiner Organisation oder Regierung kontrolliert und kann für die Speicherung von Wert, Zahlungen und die Bereitstellung von Sicherheiten verwendet werden. [ANN][PRE-ICO] Bitagro DECENTRALIZED AGRO EXCHANGE PLATFORM Bitcoin Garden Forum ... Coin Home » Ethereum Tokens (Moderators: vindyne8, Joankii) » [ANN][PRE-ICO] Bitagro DECENTRALIZED AGRO EXCHANGE PLATFORM « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Author Topic: [ANN][PRE-ICO] Bitagro DECENTRALIZED AGRO EXCHANGE PLATFORM (Read 381 times) MKH. Garden Hero; Novice; Posts: 30; Karma: +1/-0 ... Ethereum kaufen. Ether können Sie entweder bei einer Börse, einer Wechselstube oder privat kaufen. Eine Wechselstube setzt dabei einen Preis fest (etwas teurer als der Marktpreis), eine Börse lässt Marktteilnehmer den Preis bestimmen. Ethereum-Mining basiert auf dem Ethash-Algorithmus. Als das Netzwerk zum ersten Mal live geschaltet wurde, erhielten ETH-Miner einen Block Reward von 5 ETH pro Block. Ende 2017 verringerte die Byzantine Hardfork der Ethereum-Blockchain den Block Reward von 5 ETH auf 3 ETH. 2019 wurde der Reward in einem Prozess bekannt als “The Thirdening” nochmals verkleinert und beläuft sich seither auf ... Ethereum price today is $402.87 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $15,350,172,407 USD. Ethereum is up 3.68% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2, with a market cap of $45,642,593,239 USD. It has a circulating supply of 113,293,544 ETH coins and the max. supply is not available. The top exchanges for trading in Ethereum are currently

[index] [4422] [5746] [2786] [5376] [942] [2207] [4423] [1783] [3463] [7368]

Central Banks & Ethereum are Confidence Games - Ann Rhefn

In this episode, I show you how easy it is to create your own ethereum coin token. In the future episodes, we will go through the code, add more to the code,... #PolkadotExplained #PolkadotvsEthereum #WhatIsPolkadot Polkadot along with the relay chain, parachains and the substrate framework is complicated enough to m... I have a list of 100+ GPU-mineable coins. 1. We'll go to an Online Random Name Picker and generate a number from the coins on the current list. The top row is the column names on the list, so we ... Er fährt die teuersten Autos, veranstaltet luxuriöse Partys und reist im Privatjet - und das alles hat sich Niklas Nikolajsen durch Bitcoins ermöglicht. "Gal... In una recente intervista al TechChrunch 2017, Vitalik Buterin, il fondatore di Ethereum, si è lasciato sfuggire alcune considerazioni sullo stato di scalabi...